Fuglen Coffee Roasters is focusing on roasting & sourcing only the best & freshest coffee we can find, buying small lots as directly as possible from what we believe are the best coffee growers around the world. We roast lightly, in the Nordic style, to enhance all the good, natural flavours of coffee without adding any roasty tones - showcasing the vast difference of flavours that the world of coffee has to offer.Our end goal is to create a product that is as transparent as possible, so that you can experience the taste of the terroir and uniqueness of each and every coffee.

(from the left: Ludvik & Bjørnar)


We roast our coffee with care and have respect for their countries of origin, bringing out the unique characteristics of each region. Our roast profiles is reflecting the light Nordic roasting style, with our vintage German-made Probat roaster from 1956.We are roasting every week to order, and each order is packed and shipped out immediately.


The quality of the raw material is of utmost importance for a tasty cup of coffee. We are working closely with trusted producers, cooperatives, exporters, and import agents to get to the highest quality fresh green beans each season.We pay close attention to traceability (details of producers and pricing) and sustainability (sustainable relationships), and work from a long-term perspective on what kind of producers to buy coffee from. This way we are hoping to add value back to the producers, pickers, and families that are involved in the coffee production.