Quetzales Espresso / Washed / Honduras / 250g

Origin: Honduras

Producer: Pedro Sagastume

Farm: Los Quetzales

Region: El Sauce, Santa Barbara

Varieties: Pacas

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1500 - 1630 m.a.s.l.

Flavour Profile: Lemon grass, Apricot & Vanilla

The Los Quetzales farm is managed by Pedro Sagastume, his sons, and 10 permanent employees, with seasonal employment for picking and processing. Los Quetzales is one of four plantations that Sagastume owns, along with a wet mill and drying station located on his property. 

The region of Santa Barbara is difficult to produce in, due to the rainforest-like conditions. The near-constant rain and sometimes low temperatures cause the cherries to stop ripening, and make it very challenging to dry properly. This difficulty in drying is what leads to problems and inconsistencies in the final product that is common in this region, but recently some very innovative, creative, driven producers have focused on precisely controlling the drying process. When managed properly, the coffees from this region have a unique flavor profile which isn’t found elsewhere in Central America. 

In particular, one area has grabbed the attention of the Cup of Excellence panel, as the largest supplier of CoE winners in Honduras. After visiting the region, it was noted that the producers in the area are neighbors who share their knowledge and help each other to refine their product. This cooperation is what has elevated the region, and Honduras as a whole, in the specialty coffee industry. 

We buy this coffee directly with the help of San Vincente Exporters.

Type: Coffee

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