Origami Flavour Tasting Cup Set

The Origami Flavour Cup set includes 3 tasting cups in different shapes. The handleless design allows you to decide the ideal temperature to drink the coffee when holding the cup.

Pinot Cup With the Origami Pinot Cup, you can enjoy the aroma of your drink in the shape of a wine glass, the coffee spreads evenly into your mouth.

Dimensions: Ø 75 × H 73 Volume: 200 ml

Barrel Cup The Origami Barrel Cup confines the aroma of the coffee like a wine barrel, the tongue is likely to sense sweetness in the taste.

Dimension: Ø 76 × H 78 Volume: 210 ml

Aroma Cup The shape of Origami Aroma Cup is specially designed, with dimensions calculated in detail to bring out the aroma. Aroma cup will help you sense the acidity in the coffee.

Dimensions: Ø 80 × H 73 Volume: 200 ml



Type: Cupping

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