Nduki / Kenya 250g

Flavour Profile: Rosehip, Black Currant & Cherry.

Producers: Nduki Estate

Area: Kiambu County

Varietals: SL-28, Ruiru 11

Process: Washed

Hannah Kiyo Ndungu and husband John Ndungu Maina ventured into coffee production only 20 years ago, with a dream to make enough money to enjoy their retirement. Their farm is in Kiambu County in central Kenya at about 1,960 moh. They manage around 4,000 trees on 5 acres of red volcanic soil, but also practice dairy farming, and grow macadamias and avocados. Hannah also keeps a shop at the entrance to the farm where she sells bread, candy, and eggs. They are very attentive to their yield, especially during the drying process, making sure that the coffee is protected from rain and sun. After all, it’s their future they are protecting. 

We buy this coffee from Per Nordby.


Collections: Coffee, New arrivals

Type: Coffee

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