Montezumba / Nicaragua 250g

Producers: Gloria Ribas and Huberty Aguilar
Farm: Montezumba
Region: Mozonte
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed
Flavours: Peach, candied lemon, green tea
This coffee is the true definition of microlot coffee. Gloria Rivas and Hubert Aguilar started with a 7 hectare piece of land, and have expanded to about 20 hectares. They keep most of their land as natural forest, so the coffee trees have natural shade from guava and pine trees. Animals such as wild hen, deer, wild boar, and lots of varieties of birds are common visitors on the farm. They only have 3 permanent employees, while at harvest season they employ 20 pickers. If there is rain during the harvest season, the farm is inaccessible due to flooding. Workers take the coffee on foot through the forest to the local mill in Ocotal, where their coffee is washed and processed, along with 46 other producing farms in the region. The washing station is family owned and operated, with a team of two sisters overseeing the mill. Gloria and Hubert focus on how to improve their product each year, with support from the mill. They all realized the potential in the coffee grown in the region and have taken more time and care to elevate the quality of coffee produced on these farms.

The area has had to start from scratch, after the Nicaraguan Revolution (1975-1979) devastated the regions in Northern Nicaragua bordering Honduras. These families were displaced and only after the revolution did they resettle and begin coffee production again, with very little knowledge or experience, inherited from the family. We are very impressed with the quality of this coffee and proud to sell it, serve it, and tell the story of Gloria and Hubert. 

We import this coffee with the help of Per Nordby.

Collections: Coffee, New arrivals

Type: Coffee

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