Maria Soraia Espresso / Natural / Brazil 250g

Origin:‌ Brazil

Producer:‌ Maria Soraia Guimarães

Farm: Fazenda Jacu Lugar Tijuco

Region:‌ Cerrado Mineiro 

State: Minas Gerais

Varieties:‌‌ Arara, Catuai

Process:‌ ‌Natural

Altitude:‌ ‌1180 ‌masl‌ ‌

Flavour‌ ‌Profile:‌ Grapefruit,  Plum & Sun Dried Tomato


Maria Soraia Guimarães began cultivating coffee in the year 2000 on her farm Fazenda Jacu Lugar Tijuco, and along with her son Augusto work together on the farm’s 30 hectares of coffee trees.

Several years ago, Maria Soraia participated in a workshop about coffee quality and learned more about coffee production. She improved her post-harvest techniques which improved the final quality of her coffee. 

Fazenda Jacu Lugar Tijuco is part of the Minas Coffee Origins project. Minas Coffee Origins are controlled origins that take specialty coffee to the next level. Controlled Origins are the product of the “terroir” produced in a demarcated area by the soil, climate, and topography characteristics combined with the production traditions of coffee growers.

This lot of Arara coffee underwent Natural processing. Arara is a natural cross between Obatã and Yellow Catuai discovered in 1988 in the Parana region of Brazil by an agronomist named Francisco Barbosa Lima. The trees are productive and resistant to both drought and leaf rust, making the variety attractive from an agronomic perspective as well as presenting tasty characteristics in the cup.


We buy this coffee from Ally coffee.





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Type: Coffee

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