Magwila / Tanzania 250g

Flavour Profile: Toffee, cherry, red apple and dark chocolate

Producer: Magwila AMCOS
Farm: Magwila
Municipality/Region: Mbozi
Varietal: Kent
Process: Washed

There are 59 smallholder farmers who each deliver small quantities of cherries to the AMCOS, or to collection centers in nearby villages. The average farm size for producers delivering to the Magwila washing station (Ilomba) is half to two hectares. These mid-land dry farms have clay loam soil and are organic by default. Organic compost is starting to become more common, pruning less common. A farmer can typically have fewer than 1000 trees per hectare, and one tree typically produces a quantity of cherries equal to less than 100 - 200 grams of green coffee.

Ibero builds schools to support the local communities. The company contributes to the land and pays for the construction, and ensures access to clean water for the students. Ibero employs teachers and local community leaders to take care of the school after it has been completed.

Collections: Coffee

Type: Coffee

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