La Higuera (Organic) / Washed / Peru / 250g

Origin: Peru

Producer / Farm: Smallholder farmers

Region: La Higuera, Colasay

Varieties: Catimor, Pache & Catuai

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1800 - 2200 m.a.s.l.

Flavour Profile: Pear, Caramel & Toasted oats

This coffee is sourced by the Colasay Project and comes from farmers in small caserios (villages) in the Colasay District, in the Jaen province of north Peru. This coffee is part of a sourcing program through an organisation called Origin Coffee Lab. 

The coffees are either micro-lots or communal producer blends from the areas in the north around Jaen and San Ignacio. Farms are normally between 1-3 hectares and are family-run. They harvest, pulp, ferment and dry the coffees at the farms. If the producers are part of a premium program, they will more likely invest in their production to create potential micro-lots.


A typical farmer within this program will have just above 2 hectares on average, planted with coffee. They are organic certified. The equipment can be extremely simple, but coffees can still be amazing. Some have their own parabolic dryers, others dry on plastic outside their farms, or use a drying facility at their neighbour's or relative's place. 

We buy this coffee from Nordic Approach.




Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter, Organic

Type: Coffee

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