Finca Deborah / Illumination Geisha / Panama / 100g

Origin: Panama

Producer: Jamison Savage

Farm: Finca Deborah

Region: Volcán, Chiriquí

Varieties: Geisha

Process: Washed Carbonic Maceration

Altitude: 1950 m.a.s.l.

Flavour Profile: Jasmine, Black tea & Cherry


Finca Deborah is located at 1900 masl in the mountains of Volcán Chiriqui and is one of the most remote farms in Panama. The high elevation leads to lower temperatures during the nights which in turn allows the trees to push more sugars into the cherries. This gives a sweet and complex flavour profile in the coffee. Finca Deborah only uses natural organic fertilizers and organic weed control to maintain balance between the coffee trees and surrounding plants. 

This Geisha is processed using the washed Carbonic Maceration method - a process that has been used in the wine industry for decades. The cherries are harvested at their sweetest using a Brix meter to measure the sugar content. The ripe cherries are then pulped leaving some fruit on the grain and packed in barrels which are filled with CO2. At this stage careful attention is paid to PH, Temperature and CO2 levels.

After the required time inside the CO2 tanks the coffee is placed on raised drying beds in shade and carefully dried to a moisture content of 11%. It is then packed in grainpro bags and stored in a cool/dry bodega allowing the coffee to absorb more flavour from the parchment before being hulled and exported. 

We buy this coffee directly from Savage Coffees.

*We usually "rest" our Geisha coffee for at least a week after roast date but preferably two weeks. The reason behind this is because in our experience the full flavour profile really comes to life 1-2 weeks after roasting. 

Type: Coffee

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