Harbegona / Ethiopia 250g

Harbegona Ethiopia

Producer and Exporter: Heleanna Georgalis 

Region: Sidamo. Varietal: Heirloom.

Process: Washed. Flavours: Red Apple, Caramel and Red Grape .

The region of Harbegona in Sidamo borders Bensa, both well-known regions for producing some of the finest Ethiopian coffees. This coffee was selected and processed by Heleanna Georgalis, who has made an agreement with the washing station to purchase all coffees which score over a certain rating. She then sorts the beans by hand with a team of workers, and puts her stamp of approval on each one. Heleanna works tirelessly to improve the production quality and trading system in Ethiopia. She works closely with farmers and has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about Ethiopian coffees, farms, and trading. Previously, this coffee was the highest scoring washed coffee at the inaugural Ethiopian Cup of Excellence.

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Type: Coffee

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