Gakuyuini / Kenya 250g

Flavour Profile: Blackcurrant, Gooseberry, Rhubarb.
Producers: Thirikwa Farmers Co-op.
Region: Kirinyaga County. 
Varietals: SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian, SL-28.
Process: Washed.


The Gakuyuini washing station sits at 1700 masl on Mount Kenya, 1.5 hours outside Nairobi. The station is managed by the Thirikwa Cooperative, and is supplied by 1500 farmers in the region.

The cherries are sorted, pulped, fermented, washed, and dried. This process is a true science in the quality coffee capital of the world, with great care taken at each stage and constantly adjusted for weather. The producers know from experience that the quality of the coffee and the price it sells for is a direct result of the attention they give their crop.

The production process in Kenya is very transparent, with all coffees separated by lot and grade. Marketing agents work directly with processing mills, allowing buyers to select coffees and negotiate prices before they go to auction. A purchase before auction also gives a greater percentage back to the farmer. Washing stations must now compete for the best lots, and are able to give up to 90% of the sale directly back to the farmer. 

We buy this coffee through Nordic Approach.

Collections: Coffee, New arrivals

Category: Filter

Type: Coffee

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