Gachuiro Espresso / Washed / Kenya / 250g

Origin: Kenya

Producer: Gachuiro Cooperative 

Manager: Ephraim Karangi

Region: Karatina, Nyeri 

Varieties: SL28 & 34, Ruiru, Batian

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1700-1950 m.a.s.l.

Flavour Profile: Cherry, Almond & Blackcurrant


Gachuiro is one out of four wet mills in the Kiama cooperative located close to Karatina town in Nyeri. Gachuiro has 480 members, evenly divided between men and women. 

This station is managed by Ephraim Karangi who works closely with his team to ensure high quality processing. The machine operator at the station is Lenard Maina. Lenard has 18 years of experience in coffee production.

Smallholder farmers from the surrounding area deliver their coffee cherries which are sorted and pulped the same day. After wet-milling the pulp gets pumped up by the road so the farms have easier access to it for fertilizer. The coffee is then fermented for 14-18 hours and water is circulated every 6 hours. Post-fermentation coffee is soaked 24 hours before being dried on tables for 10-14 days.

We buy this coffee from our friend Per Nordby.

Collections: Coffee

Type: Coffee

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