Fuglen Diner Mug *Limited Supply

Shortly after opening the first overseas store in Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in 2012, Fuglen Tokyo hoped to have an original mug. At that time, in the first draft that came out, in jade color and with the nostalgia of a classic American diner mug style. This was well received in Tokyo and now has been released in a beautiful milk-white glass.

The shape is a slightly larger mug that is commonly found in American diners, perfect for enjoying a big cup of coffee in one sitting. 

Size (cm): Long diameter -12.3 Short diameter -8.8 Height -9.6
Weight 425g
Full water capacity: 350cc
Material: borosilicate glass/RETRO GLASS retro glass

*Milk glass diner mugs tend to have a difference in the cooling temperature of the molten glass in the casting (Ikomi) mold, creating unique characteristics of each mug.

*This item is non heat-resistant glass, but you can pour boiling water into it.

*The dishwasher cannot be used. Please wash gently by hand.

*Cannot be used in the microwave

Type: Merch

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