Ferney Cruz / Washed / Colombia 250g

Producer: Ferney Cruz Trujillo

Farm: Finca El Prado  

Region: Tarqui, Huila

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed 

Flavour Profile: Yellow Plum, Toasted Oat, Gooseberry



Ferney Cruz is one of the many producers in the Tarqui region of Southwest Colombia, where recognition is growing for the many quality coffees produced there. This is one of a handful of producers in the region we have hosted on our menu at Fuglen Coffee Roasters, alongside Alfredo Baos, Aristides and Yaved Guarnizo, and Maria Berlinda (El Sapo). Ferney’s Finca el Prado sits at 1800 masl, and is 50/50 Caturra and Colombia, consistently producing a clean and juicy cup.

Tarqui is at high elevation with many different microclimates, which allows for year-round production. The cool and humid climate also makes drying the coffee challenging. The best producers have not only put great care and attention on the drying process, but have also invested in upgraded equipment to allow them to produce consistently. 

Our Colombian Exporter, Fairfield, hosts a local cupping competition for the producers in Tarqui. Producers are notified about the competition so that they can pick and process with care and enter their finest product into the competition. Fairfield commits to buying the top 20 finalists, most of which receive a price much higher than the standard price. These higher payments allow the farmers to invest in their farms and produce consistently higher quality coffees the following years. This also allows exporters and importers the opportunity to taste coffees from new producers and new processing techniques, as well as providing the producers with valuable knowledge and feedback about improving their coffees.

We import this coffee directly from Fairfield Trading in Colombia.

Collections: Coffee, New arrivals

Category: Filter

Type: Coffee

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