Chelbesa Danche / Ethiopia 250g

Producer: Negusse Weldyes. Region: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe.  
Varietal: Wolisho, Dega. Process: Washed.
Flavour Profile: Floral, Black Tea & Mango.

Opened in 2019, the organic-certified Danche washing station is owned by Negusse Weldyes who has been working in specialty coffee since 2008. This coffee is from the third season of its production, but it seems there’s a lot of potential in this area. Negusse has taken a long-term approach to his business, paying top prices for cherries in order to attract other producers, some of whom walk two hours to deliver their coffees there. He also owns and manages an exporting company, which gives him direct contact to buyers and their feedback, which he can pass along to producers, improving quality for the whole area. He is also very active in the local community, and has plans to build a health clinic for local producers and their families. 

The farmers also have a unique approach when it comes to picking. Many coffee producers will pick in rounds, starting when the first cherries are ripe and leaving the unripe cherries on the tree for another round of picking. The farmers in Gadeo leave the cherries on the tree until all the cherries are ripe, which means that some of the first to ripen will fall to the ground, but the ones which are picked are as ripe as possible, with extremely developed natural sugars. 

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Type: Coffee

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