Granitos Joyce Geisha / Costa Rica / 100g

Please be aware: We believe Geisha coffees taste best 4-6 weeks after being roasted, so the roast date may reflect this.


Origin: Costa Rica

Farm / mill: Granitos de Ortiz 

Producer: Joyce Calderon

Region: Tarrazu

Varieties: Geisha

Process: Yellow Honey

Altitude: 1900 masl

Flavour Profile: Papaya, Orange Blossom & Black tea

Located in Santa María de Dota, a small mountain town along the flank of the Cordillera de Talamanca range of Costa Rica is the farm “Joyce” owned by Omar Calderon. He grows Geisha as well as Typica and other varieties.

Omar, his wife and four daughters have been producing coffee and managing the micro processing mills for the last twenty years. Omar oversees the whole operation but the day to day running of the processing mills is done by his daughters. 

This Geisha was processed using the Yellow Honey method. This process involves removing 50-75% of the mucilage on the coffee. Processing in this way allows the coffee to have the clarity and elegant aspects of a washed coffee whilst having the body and sweetness of a natural coffee. 

We buy this coffee from Exclusive Coffees.




Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter, Geisha

Type: Coffee

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