Aristides / Colombia 250g

Producer: Aristides Guarnizo.. Farm: El Progresso 
Region: Tarqui, Huila. Varietal: Pink Bourbon. Process: Washed.
Flavour profile: Peach, Nectarine, Lemon.


Aristides Guarnizo is the brother of Yaved, another producer previously featured at Fuglen. The brothers, as well as some other cousins, all manage micro lot farms at 1800 MASL in Tarqui, Central Huila. This region has many microclimates, which leads to diverse flavor profiles and a year-round production schedule. We are in continued contact with both brothers and work closely with them to be able to deliver a product we are all proud of. We are excited to follow the development of their coffees and will continue to feature them and other producers in this area at Fuglen in the future. 

In an effort to improve the quality and exposure of the farms in the area, exporter Fairfield hosts a local competition each year to encourage producers to enter their coffees. The best coffees are bought for up to three times the normal price for coffees in the area, so it’s an incentive for the farmers to focus on quality as well as an opportunity for new farmers to introduce their coffees. In the past few years, Aristides has come in the top ten producers in the competition. 

Aristides uses an anaerobic compost tea process to fertilize his soil, which provides the coffee trees with extra nutrients. This cyclical method uses traditional compost combined with bacteria and yeast which are then fermented, similar to a kombucha scoby. After the compost has decomposed, the runoff is collected, diluted, and used as a natural fertilizer on the farm, contributing to healthier plants and a better tasting product.

We buy this coffee in collaboration with our exporting partner in Colombia, Fairfield.

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Type: Coffee

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