Radiophare / Indonesia 250g

Flavours: Plum, Walnut, Blackberry.
Producer: Klasik Beans.
Farm: Radiophare
Region: Sunda.
Varietal: Catimor, Line S, Typica
Process: Natural

Proudly presenting: Radiophare, our first coffee from Indonesia.

Radiophare is a natural processed blend of Catimor, Line S, and Typica varietals grown at 1200-1500 moh and harvested May through September.

This coffee comes from Klasik Beans, a cooperative of around 1500 small farms in the Java region of Sunda. The cooperative focuses on preserving local Sundanese culture and heritage by producing sustainable, organic, and fair trade coffees. It is processed at Puntang, one of Klasik Beans’ four regional wet mills. The area of Puntang is the oldest and richest terroir in all of Western Java.

The name Radiophare is taken from the name of a radio station built by the Dutch during colonization. After gaining independence in 1945, the radio station was destroyed but the name remains as a reminder of the Sundanese strength and resistance.

We source this coffee through Belco, one of our partners in coffee importing in Bordeaux, France

Collections: Coffee, New arrivals

Type: Unknown Type

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