Kedir Bali / Natural / Ethiopia / 250g

Origin:‌ Ethiopia‌

Producer:‌ Kedir Bali

Region:‌ Gedeo

Municipality/County:‌ Yirgachefe

Varieties:‌‌ Heirloom

Process:‌ ‌Natural

Altitude:‌ ‌2000‌ ‌masl‌ ‌

Flavour‌ ‌Profile:‌ Blueberry, Honeydew Melon & Prune


Kedir Bali is a pioneering Ethiopian coffee farmer producing small quantities of high quality coffee. His farm is planted with indigenous trees as well as his thriving coffee plants. 

 As well as growing his own coffee, he advises fellow farmers on best practices to produce high grade coffee. Kedir is a father of nine children, four boys and five girls. He is also a local church leader and participates in various community projects such as financial contributions for poor farmers and providing stationary materials for local students. ‌


In recent years Individual farmers in Ethiopia have been given more freedom to export their own coffee, but few farmers know where to start. They are not able to reach the importers or roasters on their own, so many continue to sell their coffee to washing stations where they earn a fixed price, and lose their identity by being blended into larger lots.


Ayidefer is a manager of a farmer representative company that aims to help farmers connect directly with specialty importers and roasters. He was able to connect Kedir with Nordic Approach, the importer from whom we purchased this coffee from.

Collections: Coffee, New arrivals

Category: Filter

Type: Coffee

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