Frinsa / Indonesia 250g

Producer: Wildan Mustofa. 
Farm: Frinsa Estate 
Region: Weninggalih, Western Java.
Varietal: Indonesian Varieties.
Process: Honey.
Flavour Profile: Starfruit, Oolong Tea, Tobacco  


The Frinsa Estate in Java is owned and operated by Wildan Mustofa and his wife Atieq Mustianingtyas. Since 2010, the 110 hectare property has been an ever-growing operation on fertile volcanic soil in the Bandung Highlands in West Java (Sunda) at 1350-1750 masl. Wildan, with the help of his son, manages production, including a wet mill, ventilated storage, and a dry mill, while Atieq takes on admin, finances, HR and marketing. The farm includes six main growing areas, but the wet mill also processes a few smallholder farms in the area and sells it as Frinsa, always separated by lot, location, cultivar, and date.

Using two-step processing, the coffee is wet-milled in each field, so that the skin, pulp, and water can be reused as fertilizer on the farm. The coffees are then sent to the dry mill to continue processing. Because the process from harvest to shipping occurs entirely at the Frinsa Estate, Wildan has full control over the product. This process gives the best result for the coffee, but it’s also sustainable and helps with water conservation and reforestation. The Frinsa estate is involved in intensive partnerships on research and development, to improve farming practices for Frinsa and other producers in Indonesia.

Most quality coffee coming out of Indonesia is wet-hulled, but when Nordic Approach began working with Frinsa, the goal was to find a producer who was willing to commit to fully-washed coffees as well as experiment with processing techniques, and Wildan has exceeded all expectations. He doesn’t have so much experience in coffee, but his eagerness to play with new concepts and learn about processing methods has led to some very exciting coffees coming out of Frinsa. For a few years now, Wildan has been experimenting with lactobacillic fermentation on both washed and natural coffees. The climate in Java is quite dry in the harvest season compared to other regions of Indonesia, which is perfect for honey and natural processes. 

For the honey process we are roasting, the beans are first processed as naturals, until the water content reaches 20-30%, at which time sacharomyces cerevisiae is added, then put in an ait-right bag for 36 hours. The bag fermentation technique is similar to anaerobic fermentation, and lends a very strong sweetness, a syrupy texture, and a complex cup.

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