Leyder Espresso / Washed / Colombia / 250g


Origin: Colombia

Farm:    La Aguada

Producer:    Leyder Trujillo Cordoba  

Region:   Tarqui, Huila

Varieties:    Colombia

Process:   Washed

Altitude:    1700 masl

Flavour Profile:   Red apple, Nougat & Toffee  

Leyder Trujillo Cordoba is a second generation coffee farmer. He was given one hectare of land from his father along with capital to buy his first coffee trees. He founded his farm “La Aguada” on the 8th May 2012 and has now increased to 3 hectares. Leyder grows two varieties; Colombia and Tambo. He has approximately 9200 Colombia trees which are about 5 years old and 2800 Tambo trees which are one year old. 

Leyders wife Francy and his son Dilan are both involved in the production on the farm. When harvesting they select only the ripe cherries which they then take to be processed on the farm. The cherries are fermented whole for 12 hours before being pulped and fermented in bags for an additional 45 hours. 

After fermentation the coffee is washed twice before being taken to a mechanical dryer. Here it is dried and rotated every 2-3 hours before being laid out and covered to allow further drying. Once the moisture content has reached around 11% it is collected and sent to a dry mill for export. 

We buy this coffee directly with the help of Fairfield trading. 





Collections: Coffee, New arrivals

Category: Espresso

Type: Coffee

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