Dolmin / Honduras 250g

Origin:‌ Honduras

Producer:‌ Dolmin Moreno

Farm: La Quebrada

Region:‌ Santa Bárbara 

Varieties:‌‌ Pacas

Process:‌ ‌Washed

Altitude:‌ ‌1560 ‌masl‌ ‌

Flavour‌ ‌Profile:‌ Red apple, Blackberry & Cane sugar


Dolmin Moreno comes from a rich coffee heritage. His father is Miguel Moreno, one of six siblings and grandfather is Daniel Moreno. Dolmin acquired his farm “La Quebrada '' in 2013 which is located close to the family plantation known as “El Filo''. The Family all live in the village of El Cedral located in Santa Barbara.

Dolmin placed in the top 20 in the Honduran Cup Of Excellence competition in 2014 & 2015 and has been committed to producing high quality coffee from the start. He grows the Pacas Varietal which is a natural mutation from the Bourbon/Typica group mainly found in El Salvador and Honduras. 

Bjørnar Hafslund is the manager here at Fuglen Coffee Roasters and has worked extensively in the coffee industry. He previously helped establish Collaborative Coffee Source and often travelled to Honduras to source coffee. On these trips he had the chance to meet the Moreno family. The family stands out as welcoming people with a passion and in depth knowledge of how to grow great coffee. Bjørnar became great friends with Dolmin Moreno, the third generation coffee grower in the family and began buying directly from him.

Growing coffee for the Morenos is truly a family collaboration. They help each other with all aspects of the coffee growing process, from Processing at their own stations, to the drying and hand sorting of the coffee on raised beds. 


We buy this coffee directly from Dolmin with the help of San Vicente, Honduras.

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Category: Filter

Type: Coffee

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