Yaved Guarnizo / Washed / Colombia / 250g

Origin: Colombia

Producer: Yaved Guarnizo

Region: Tarqui, Huila

Varieties: Caturra

Process: Fully washed

Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l

Flavour Profile: Nectarine, White tea & Nougat

Don Yaved is a leader in his family and community. He and his wife Dona Yobani Ramos own the land they farm on and have a clear vision of how they want to produce coffee. He produces his own biodynamic fertilizers in tanks on the farm to enrich soil quality.

Yaved employs a workforce wherever possible instead of using industrial equipment as he wants to support the local economy and has focused much of his attention on sustainability.

During processing the coffee is washed and then put in fermentation tanks. Yaved constructed a system to process and purify his water before use. He also uses the Fermaestro tool - a device which helps to determine the amount of mucilage left on the bean. This allows him to know when fermentation is complete, a key stage in producing consistent quality coffee.

After this stage, the coffee is slowly dried under shade and particular attention is paid to moisture content with regular turning of the beans. When the desired moisture content is reached the coffee is stored before being prepared for export.

We buy this coffee directly from Yaved Guarnizo.

Type: Coffee

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