Bensa / Washed / Ethiopia / 250g

Origin:‌ Ethiopia

Producer:‌ Smallholder Farmers

Washing station: Bensa washing station

Region:‌ Sidamo

Varieties:‌‌ Heirloom

Process:‌ ‌ Washed

Altitude:‌ ‌ 1950 - 2000 m.a.s.l.

Flavour‌ ‌Profile:‌ Nectarine, White chocolate & Rose

Bensa is a washing station located within the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. This region is renowned for its coffees which often are complex with crisp acidity, rich body and floral notes. The area has around 800 farmers who deliver their coffee cherries to the washing station to be processed.

Faisel Abdosh is the owner of seven washing stations as well as the owner of Tesi coffee exporters. He was joined by his cousin Adam in 2014. Adam used to live in Texas and he moved to Ethiopia to be involved in the family’s growing business. Faisel was exposed to the coffee industry at a young age, he has close relatives who are involved in coffee farming. 


Cherries are collected by hand. The cherries are then pulped whereby skin and fruit pulp are removed. The beans then undergo wet fermentation for 72 hours before being washed and graded in water by density. The lower density (lower quality) will float and are removed, leaving only the denser and therefore higher quality beans which are separated as higher grade lots.

Coffee is then piled up in layers which are 2cm in height and dried over a 10 day period followed by hand sorting for 2-4 hours.

We buy this coffee from Nordic Approach.

Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter

Type: Coffee

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